Jewelry and watches aren’t just beautiful—they can also have great sentimental and financial value. Our SmartGuard protection plan is meant to protect your wallet from covered repair costs that arise as a result of typical jewelry use according to your item’s intended purpose. Our jewelry and watch plan protects you with coverage that includes:

  • Repair of chipped and cracked stones (including center stones)

  • Prong and mounting repair

  • Rhodium plating

  • Crown, case, and bezel repairs

  • Pearl restringing

  • Crown, case, and bezel repairs

  • Dents, chips, cracks, gouges, soldering

  • Costs for materials and labor costs needed to repair your product to a usable and wearable condition

There is no deductible or additional fees required to obtain service on your covered product.

Jewelry Protection Plans

Please note that in some cases, repairs will necessitate re-facing, re-polishing, or re-cutting a gemstone submitted for service. However, we guarantee that such action will never result in the gemstone losing more than 10% of its original weight.

Because our plan is meant to protect you from incurring out-of-pocket costs in the event of specific damaging incidents, not product loss or general dissatisfaction, the following issues are NOT covered under this protection plan:

  • Inherent product defects or flaws in gemstones

  • Loss of diamonds, gemstones, or other materials if not directly related to a functional failure of the covered jewelry product

  • Repair of center stones greater than 0.10 carat

  • Replacement of any-sized center stones or side/enhancement stones greater than 0.10 carat.

When it comes to watches, the plan does not cover the following:

  1. Inherent product defects or flaws
  2. Loss of diamonds, gemstones or other materials from bezel greater than 0.10 carat
  3. Repair or replacement of scratched crystals
  4. Any watch with an MSRP of $3,000 or greater

See plan terms and conditions for full details.

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